Hotel Pinte

This is where originals meet adventurers. Experience traditional hospitality. Since 1843.

The Pinte

Steeped in tradition, the “Pinte” restaurant has always been a place where regulars have met travelling adventurers, savoured good Swiss cooking and lifted a glass to life. The Hotel Bellevue-Pinte is the oldest hotel in Grindelwald and is part of the Bergwelt Grindelwald, the new Alpine design resort.


The Pinte also serves takeaway food. All the dishes and drinks are attractively packed for guests to take with them, wherever they are going. Off on an adventure or in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

The history –
a Grindelwald legend

The Pinte owes its name to its burly original host, Fritz Bohren. “Pintefritz” first became host in 1888. With a glint in his eye, a cheroot in the corner of his mouth and a flat cap perched on his head, he took very good care of his guests. He would give soaked travellers grog, dry clothes and a friendly word or two.

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